Level 18/1, Nicholson St, East Melbourne VIC 3002
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Job Ref: 12500

The Level 1 Systems Engineer reports to the Engineering Services Team Leader. The primary functions of the Level 1 Systems Engineer include:

  1. Contributing to the proficient operation of Client Business and the Operations Group by assisting, liaising and reporting to Engineering Services Team Leader :
    1. Support the Operations Management group Business Plan with emphasis on the Systems Engineering objectives and responsibilities;
    2. Adhere to company-wide policy and professional standards;
    3. Utilise company-wide and Engineering Services internal systems for services delivery;
    4. Escalate issues affecting the company, the group and team (e.g. resourcing, HR, customer, etc.) where appropriate;
    5. Alert the Business Development Group to opportunities for new business.
  1. Achieving the Engineering Services Team business goals:
    1. With guidance from senior systems engineers assist in the provision of all services offered by the Engineering Services team;
    2. Improve both STREAMS product knowledge and use of delivery tools via mentoring from higher level professionals in the business;
    3. Under supervision from senior systems engineers assist with the maintenance of standards, processes and procedures for establishing systems requirements and systems designs;
    4. Under supervision from senior systems engineers assist with the maintenance of standards, processes and procedures for project and professional engineering service delivery;
    5. Contribute to Engineering Services team human resource management:
      • Respectfully and co-operatively work with fellow staff members;
      • Participate in the team member performance and pay reviews;
      • Acquire new knowledge and skills through training attendance;
      • Actively participate in continued professional development.
  1. Performing duties which support the day-to-day operations of the Engineering Services Team:
  1. Assist with the delivery of projects:
    • Assist with project team roles as directed by the Project Manager;
    • Comply with systems engineering standards, processes, procedures and guidelines for services delivery.
  2. Assist with the development of tender/bid responses:
    • Assist with bid team roles (including scoping, work/cost estimates and identification of technical risks) as directed by the Bid Manager.
  3. Assist with the management of Client and third-party products:
    • Development and maintenance of Client\’s ITS products under direction of the Engineering Change Control Board;
    • Evaluation, integration and compatibility testing of third-party ITS products.
  4. As an Engineering Services team member:
    • Be accountable to the Engineering Services Team Leader;
    • Perform tasks assigned by senior Engineering Services team members;
    • Be prepared to work at customer sites (locally, inter-state or internationally) from time-to-time;
    • Attend company, group and team meetings;
    • Correctly enter timesheet hours worked against appropriate project tasks.

Selection Criteria

Personal Attributes / Knowledge

  1. Good organisational skills with the ability to prioritise tasks effectively.
  2. Good interpersonal skills.
  3. Willingness to work in a flexible, team-oriented environment.
  4. Motivated, pro-active and self-managing.
  5. Excellent problem solving skills.
  6. Ability to learn quickly.

Qualifications / Experience


  • Tertiary qualification in Engineering or Information Technology (or equivalent, proven experience);
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills;
  • Experience with Microsoft Office, with particular emphasis on Word and Excel.

Highly Desirable:

  • Understanding and experience with electrical and electronics principles;
  • Familiarity with Microsoft SharePoint 2010.

Performance Assessment:

  • Self-Assessment with Team Leader and Group Manager review (to be documented).