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What do We Offer

With experience built over more than 5 decades, Adaps Global Resourcing division assists clients in eliminating operational overheads by providing globally distributed resources at a minimal cost. Adaps is recognised for integrating the entire global workforce and payroll seamlessly.

We solve diversity and talent challenges for our clients across all areas within digital, data, and technology transformation. We are happy to quote that we have 95% of Resource Retention for our clients over the period of 5 years, starting with 5 resources and scaling up to bigger team size.



Remove operational overheads


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How do we ease the process ?

Hiring & Onboarding

Adaps operates with a set process of developing, implementing, and evaluating programs for sourcing, recruiting, hiring and orienting. Adaps talent acquisition service is famed for designing optimal experiences by co-creating personas, forward looking and strategic approach which ensures people hired have the skills and disposition to develop into leaders. We hire and onboard the right talent and also ensure their initial training is accomplished rightly.

Visa & Travel

Adaps team are well-versed with the Visa application process for most countries and ensures that all the applications are processed cautiously. To date our team did not receive any queries on the applications as they would provide adequate support documents, Adaps team take utmost care while the resources are travelling to different countries, and will ensure that resources are aware of health checks, insurance, travel warnings and advisories.

Admin & Finance

Adaps makes it easy to keep employee records from clock into clock out, Payroll approvals, employee documentation, and benefits management are all accessible centrally through our process. All the approvals (timesheets submitted by the individuals) are thoroughly verified under the standard prerequisite quality check. Pay structures across the world are different, their taxation varies, and we process the payroll in compliance with the standard contributions as per the region.

Learning Management

Adaps Learning Platform has got access to 18000+ certified professional courses, all the employees have access to ALP and are open to completing as many courses as possible to upscale their skills. The respective Manager has the data of individuals learning programs and they identify the learning gaps and provide appropriate guidance to fill the gaps.

Employee Benefits

Adaps provides employees with various services and programmes in addition to compensation in the form of wages and salaries. Adaps provides health insurance for the entire employee’s family members, gratuity, and any other ancillary benefits that the client prefers. Adaps motto is to make our employees happy.

Our Models


Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT)


Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT)

With the practice of the Build- Operate- Transfer (BOT) Adaps fulfils the commitment of being an ideal business partner. BOT is an excellent policy for those types of businesses that have longer gestation periods and a sense of uncertainty in their early phases of growth. With this tailer made business and sector-specific solutions, Adaps helps business partners to become more market flexible, competitive, cost-effective, and achieve comparative and competitive market advantage.
BOM - Build-Operate-Maintain

Build-Operate-Maintain (BOM)

BOM - Build-Operate-Maintain

Build-Operate-Maintain (BOM)

Under BOM, Adaps conducts an in-depth study of the business partner’s requirements. It conducts a comprehensive SWOT analysis of the proposed project. Adaps build the team and run the entire operations of such projects in the BOT processes. It continues to maintain the process until the client is happy to take over the operations. By provision of such operational flexibility, Adaps empowers its business partners to become sustainable market players.
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