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Security Testing

In today’s technological world, it has become very important to secure the data that is transmitted over different layers in the applications/Infrastructure.

Smart Cyber Security Team (SCS) at ADAPS has mastered various Security related skills such as assessing the Web, Mobile, Web Services and Networks for their security and reporting the identified vulnerabilities with information in detail. Our Security Certified Professionals are the career hackers and the skills they developed are not only in assessing the applications for security but also imbibed the in-depth penetration testing approach by exploitation.

The following are the key Security Services ADAPS offers.

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Security testing is integral part of any application because irrespective of how secure a system is hackers always find a way to exploit any security loopholes. A security testing framework scans through all the layers of the application and moves further into network, database, and application exposure layers. When a system is thoroughly tested for security flaws then it makes sure that any system vulnerabilities are detected earlier and rectified simultaneously.

What We Delivered

Adaps offers reliable Security Testing services, identifying potential vulnerabilities.
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Background –
The client is the largest commercial bank with more than 100 branches providing world class services to more than 20 K commercial clients across the globe.

Need –
Client’s focus was to test the security controls and assess risks which can cause vulnerabilities in their banking application. Clients needs was to use the best of security methodologies and detect all malicious attacks in the testing phase to avoid any issues for the end users.


Adaps Solution

Adaps with a team of certified security testing specialists perform end to end security testing with secured frameworks and process systems.

Our Security professional experts helped in identifying the security threats and helped in improving the security posture of customers Applications by following the standards set by SANS, OWASP,
WASC, etc. Adaps Team was also responsible in providing the post assessment support such as recommending the solutions to fix the identified vulnerabilities and providing remediation on need basis.
Our Security experts can be of help in identifying the Network and infrastructure level vulnerabilities by performing the security assessments to avoid Vulnerabilities in the Network of any organization may lead to the severe vandalization if exploited by the hackers.
Our Smart Security team was proficient in assessing the mobile applications using the OWASP Top 10 as Mobile Security Bible. Smart Security Team had expertise in performing the security assessments
on the native, hybrid and the mobile web applications which run on the Android and IOS Operating Systems.
Analysing the code for the security vulnerabilities help in eliminating the weaknesses at the code level which increases the robustness of the application on the security front. Our Smart security Team had a vast experience in finding the security flaws in the code.


Testing types covered while Performing Security Testing

We offer the best-in-class solutions for a wide range of security requirements. Our Security Centre of Excellence combines experience and tools that helps us offer tangible value to our clients


Application Security Testing

Web Security Testing

Penetration Testing

Cloud Security Testing

Network Security Testing

Security Compliance Testing


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