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Role of DevOps is Increasing Tremendously in Digital Transformation

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  • Role of DevOps is Increasing Tremendously in Digital Transformation
Role of DevOps is Increasing Tremendously in Digital Transformation

DevOps emphasises intensifying collaboration between both Development (Dev) team and Operation (Ops) team,
thereby filling the gap between those two teams. Continuous Delivery (CD) and Continuous Integration (CI) are the two most essential DevOps principles that need agile iterations and automation of systems to provide an excellent product. By adopting DevOps, we can deliver top-quality software with better customer experience faster. It accelerates the time-to-market of an app while focusing on constant development. No wonder, such expert DevOps engineers contribute to the IT.

Low Code DevOps
Low Code development motto is to build high-quality applications with less effort for coding. It is perfect for a quick business offering. It is simple for developers to make applications with drag n drop elements and with proper GUI. We can see Low Code DevOps that completely based on the basics of model-driven design, automated code generation and visual programming in the near future. Low code development and DevOps’ association will help to fasten the development with ease of management between teams. It will build a user-friendly interface, and the latest tools will support developers to leverage the most beneficial technological tools.

Artificial intelligence Role in DevOps
Artificial intelligence has a vital role in Digital Transformation and attracted worldwide attention. This technology’s role has maximum speculation in growing DevOps, and it will play a crucial role in controlling different conventional activities. It can also play an important role in optimising the test cases and lessening the time consumed by an application through the development phase. The reputation of artificial intelligence is probably one of the important trends in DevOps future.

The Cloud-native Technology in DevOps
Cloud-native is a container-based ecosystem. It is a technology which supports the platforms to build applications with services that require containers. Cloud-native technology can also promote many other dimensions in the coming years, particularly with DevOps trends. It can also produce a competing advantage for the firms because they will obtain ample time to market. This technology adoption can easily imply a higher degree of innovation & advancement. In order to fix the dynamic technology, several business platforms are moving their services to Cloud-native technology. It has become a reliable and optimum use of technology.

DevSecOps (DevOps with Integrated Security)
The DevOps security testing cycle will need automation, where automation slashes down on time needed for security implementation. 2021 will notice the software application security that will incorporate a more progressive strategy where teams will have to take charge for security implementation. Security teams will give the necessary assistance for the DevSecOps process to get fully executed without any errors. Entirely leveraging automation will be the solution to achieving the highest velocity. Developing a conventional practice to perform cloud-native security will be the focus for firms.