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Performance Testing

Performance Testing is a type of testing performed to check how an application or software performs under workload in terms of responsiveness and stability. The primary goal is to identify and remove Performance bottlenecks from an application. This test is mainly performed to check whether the software meets the expected requirements for application speed, scalability, and stability.

The following are the types that stand out in performance testing conducted by Adaps-

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The process of testing the performance of software and determining quality attributes like responsiveness, stability, and speed under varying workload conditions. The main objective of the Performance Testing Service is to ensure that the applications don’t crash down when subjected to varying loads and conditions.

Key consideration Adaps follow before deciding the Performance Test Strategy

What is the maximum load the application can hold before the application starts behaving unexpectedly?

How much data the Database able to handle before system slows down or crashes?

Are there any network or infrastructure related issues to be addressed?

What we delivered

Identify performance – related bottlenecks with Adaps

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challenge- of-performance-testing


The client is a well know educational institute with an online platform that specialises in e-learning modules and virtual education.

Client’s focus was that the system should be stable and responsive under peak load defined by our client. Clients’ main intention was to give the end user a good user experience when they visit their web application.


Adaps Solution

Adaps with a team of Performance test specialists performed end to end testing with customised robust frameworks and process systems as mentioned below:



Testing types covered while Performing Performance Testing

Our wide range Performance Testing Services can help improve business your productivity and meet business objectives.

Load Testing

Load Testing

Stress Testing

Volume Testing

Soak Testing
Spike Testing

Spike Testing

Scalability Testing


Resolve glitches before it goes to the market.

Effort reduction with left sift testing to identify root cause before prod deployment itself.

Reduction in overall operational costs of handling performance issues.

Optimization of application with great scalability and efficiency.

Build responsiveness of an application.
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