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How is codeless test automation accelerating continuous testing

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How is codeless test automation accelerating continuous testing

With the advancements in technology, the software industry is observing many changes. Testing is being the part of the software platform, is also advancing to incredible heights. The testing evolved from manual testing to record-and-playback tools, and then to test automation and now to codeless test automation, we have passed a long path. We know that only innovation is constant; there will be new advancements to make this journey more productive.

What is meant by Codeless Test Automation?
Usually, when we are speaking about automation testing, it means automation testing by scripting or coding—test cases coding is performed in programming languages like Python, Java, Ruby etc.The scripts for testing are integrated with frameworks like Cucumber, TestNG, Selenium Webdriver to make the scripts exceptional.

When we are speaking about Codeless test automation,it will help to eliminate the task of writing code manually by the testers. The codeless test automation tool will generate the script without the code involvement, and there is no requirement for the tester to learn any code for test cases automation.Codeless automation testing doesn’t mean that there is no script. If there is automation, definitely there will be scripting, but the script will be created automatically from codeless automated steps composed by the tester.

This codeless test automation will lessen the upfront time needed to write the test scripts and to set up the framework. Also, it becomes simpler for the tester to use these codeless test automation tools. Manual tester with limited scripting knowledge can begin using the codeless test automation tools.

How to Accelerate Continuous Testing through Codeless Test Automation?
Prior to accelerating your continuous testing, it is crucial to adopt automation testing and plan the exercise accurately. The strategic outlook must include continuous integration, constant feedback, and progressive delivery. Using the DevOps approach and tools is vital to support in performing this process, and it is highly recommended. It is essential to outline your Continuous Testing efforts in an effective way for hastened integration and delivery of a perfectly build application and timely release.

Steps to accelerate Continuous Testing efforts:

Determining the detailed scope
It is essential to focus on all testing types; however, companies find themselves aggressively moving out API testing while neglecting a series of other tests that must be in place. It is essential to have a defined scope of testing specifications and the application functionalities beforehand.

Building a balance of formal test suites
Long test cases through the trial and error phase can break the spirits of the Quality assurance team and may hinder your project delivery timelines. It is crucial to introduce the perfect balance of formal test suites and standard test cases as part of the comprehensive automation.

Cutting down complexities
Break down the functionality of the application into multiple modules to build workflows. This modular strategy for testing will make it simpler to backtrack bugs and squeeze the testing roadmap as needed.

Monitoring the entire progress
DevOps encourages to ease the developmental, operational and collaboration difficulties between the development team and operational team. Choosing the right set of tools is essential for monitoring the entire progress and detecting gaps in the entire automation exercise.

Popular Tools for Codeless Test Automation
There are several codeless test automation tools in the market. Here we have listed a few.

Test Complete: It uses keyword-driven testing to facilitate codeless test automation. Each action is connected with a keyword that can be attached in a script by the user.

Testsigma: This is a cloud-based automation testing platform. The test cases can be automated by utilising simple English. The implementation and reporting are managed on the cloud.

Ranorex: Ranorex enables to record and playback for easier scenarios and coding for the difficult ones.Ghost inspector: This tool records user actions in the user interface (UI) and correlates screenshots too,
to facilitate codeless test automation.