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The combination of market pressure to deliver new functionalities and the risk of the software being failed increases pressure on testing organizations to improve testing coverage while reducing the time to go live. The only practical means to achieving quality goals within the constraints of schedules and budgets is to automate. With Adaps automation testing services we promise to deliver the highest quality of marks with lower testing costs.

Our Tool Kit & Experts

“Remember, test tools aren’t magic – but, properly implemented, they can work wonders”

Adaps has broad experience using industry standard Automated Software Testing tools for lifecycle quality management. We have extensive experience using various third-party tools from industry leading vendors as well as open-source tools to build automation testing framework suites.

What we delivered

Adaps automation solutions helped our clients to achieve 80% automation coverage.

   Challenge   Adaps Solution       Benefits


With an extreme focus maximising, resource value and minimising environmental impact, the client was driven by their ethics to do things right without causing an environmental impact. Client had several digitalised solutions for which they were looking for an accurate and efficient QA solutions adding value to their test coverage and End to end platform testing’s.

They were in the need to develop & implement an enterprise-wide automation test strategy and achieve a complaint and bug free application.


Adaps Solution

Adaps being the leading provider and a digital transformation accelerator created automation test frameworks for keyword and data driven framework using Selenium, Mobile, API testing. Desktop for various web, mobile and enterprise-wide applications. We helped the client implement automation test strategies to achieve the following parameters.



Improved Automation Coverage

Adaps implemented 85% automation test coverage across the enterprise-wide application. Adaps developed 3K test scripts to test batch runs, with over 1k scripts to automate the main web and mobile applications.

Improved productivity improvements with automated solutions

Established standard QA process automation framework with customised tools across STLC lifecycle to enable uniform testing and defect reporting.

Reduced Regression testing time from 10 days to 6 days benefiting cost savings

Adaps created a robust test strategy and tested the applications across various mobile, web applications for IOS. Android, Cross browser testing etc. Selenium Web driver approach was implemented using Java technology for continuous testing in integration with Appium for mobile testing and parallel execution of tests

Our Centre of Excellence

Centre of Excellence (COE) has developed various keyword, data-driven and hybrid frameworks which can be easily plugged into the DevOps pipeline. Our expertise in test automation tools is highly diversified in terms of tools and technologies.

Adaps has proven their automation capabilities and it brings together the right people, right tools, right knowledge, and proven frameworks to create a successful landscape for COE team. Let’s dig into the below details to have a look at each one in detail.

Hybrid Driven framework

A hybrid test framework combines the model of different test framework, providing flexibility to improve efficiency of testing.

Keyword Driven Framework

A keyword associates itself with a certain object or action. Automation Engineers can reuse the same keyword across different automation scripts, promoting reusability.

Frameworks – We build Reliable frameworks!

At Adaps we have built the best Keyword driven and hybrid framework on Selenium to test the application under test which comprises of various object libraries, compilers, features, tools, etc. These Framework provides an environment where the automated scripts can run and produce results logs.

Knowledge – We organize knowledge!

We are specialised in Centralisation of building knowledge assets to Discovers, Build, Runs, Engage, and Measures automation projects across organisation. Having the right knowledge repositories centrally enables end to end QA lifecycle easy and helps in managing automation efficiently across various business units and functions.

Tools – We are best with our tools!

Tools are the heart of Automation COE. With so much chaos on the wide range of automation tooling available in the market, it becomes important for Automation COE’s to select the right tools, create libraries, and centralise, automation tooling so everyone is aware what is available in an organisation.

People – We bring Ideas for life!

Automation Engineers are the need of the hour in today’s world. At Adaps we have COE specialists who embed into the business to identify automation opportunities and build successful use cases to build the right automation goals.
Mission of our centre of

Excellence is to
accomplish 3D’s


Planning of enterprise-wide strategy with clear vision and best practices to ensure smooth scaling and adoption of this digital transformation journey.


Drive change to streamline access to Automation capabilities for rapid adoption of the technology.


Deploy of automation tools for E2E automation to achieve accurate results in addition to KPI governance and monitoring model.


Cumulative coverage to detect errors

Reduce Cost to Market

Leverage to improve resource
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