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Agile Testing, Myths & Truth

Agile Testing, Myths & Truth

Drill down to Agile testing

‘We are into Agile already’ – This is a natural business statement used by most of the testing organizations nowadays who claim to deliver faster and quicker by inculcating agile methodologies.

Just by Delivering faster does not mean that the business is into Agile process. Business needs to understand that Agile not only means delivering quicker and faster, but it also defines the way of testing during Software development life cycle which helps in improving the overall software product life cycle. Testing plays a very vital role in SDLC. Traditional testing methodologies take a step by step process and progress with the stages of the development cycle in a waterfall model. A happy business case could support waterfall model efficiently but when the business demand keeps changing in an iterative mode, it gives a light to a testing approach called as Agile testing. Let us take a drill down to Agile and its way of Testing.

What is Agile?

Agile is a round robin software testing approach followed during software development cycle in an iterative mode. As a part of Agile methodology, teams are engaged to work in parallel to capture software bugs in an early stage and also to reduce the testing time-lines by delivering faster and in a shorter span of time thus benefiting the business.

While there are many benefits of implementing Agile within an organization, there are also many myths associated with transforming the project to Agile. Let’s have a reality check to some of the myths on Agile methodologies.

Top 5 Myths on Agile and it’s Reality check –

  • Myth #1 – Agile and Scrum are the same

Reality- When an Agile consultant is asked about Agile, Scrum is the first word which is used to pitch Agile methodologies. But the reality is that Scrum is one of the ways to approach Agile. Scrum is a framework to manage project whereas Agile is a principle which unites all the processes and strategies together to fasten delivery.

They say Agile is scrum. But that’s not right, Agile can never be scrum but yes Scrum can be a part of Agile.

  • Myth #2- Agile means no documentation at all

Reality– Agile definitely involves documentation which might not be lengthy in pages, but it definitely needs short user stories and acceptance criteria while designing the business cases. The documentation is Agile is followed and tracked right from open state to the closure of the project. Its short user stories help in collaborating more effectively with the people associated with the Project. So, no documentation in Agile stands as just a myth.

  • Myth #3- No Project planning required in Agile

Reality- Any Project without Planning turns out to be the failure of all times. Planning is everything while driving a Project towards delivery. In waterfall model, planning is done only once a year which is followed throughout till that project is driven to closure, whereas in Agile the Planning is open for refinement at every stage of the testing life cycle in order to incorporate amendments and keep the plan more flexible. This helps in meeting the customer demands and expectations in an iterative and incremental mode.

  • Myth #4- Agile is only used for Software development

Reality- Agile is not a restricted principle that it can be only use in software development companies. Agile aims in transforming every business into a well-developed strategic company by incorporating all its strategies and processes into bits and pieces at every mode of a product life cycle. Agile has nothing to do with software development, although software consultants were the first to use this principle therefore the myth is followed. Agile methodologies are built only to deliver specific results which can be used in any kind of businesses across the globe.

  • Myth #5- Agile gives immediate benefits to the business

Reality- Agile works in an incremental form. Your business may seem to have a fall down at the initial stage as you will be breaking some of the old processes and traditional way of working. But Agile will assure to give you sure shot results in a longer period. It will ensure that your business needs are met timely and it will help you in raising your business to altogether the next level.

There are quite some myths about Agile which takes it to the level of Chaos, but above mentioned were the top 5 myths which every traditional business tends to believe. Reality check to these myths was a must.

The truth about Agile is that well executed Agile projects brings a lot of profit to the business and aims in delivery quality output and deliverables. Agile is much more to actually what we think it is.

Our support to get you into Agile

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